Toys That Encourage Independent Play


Let your child be independent

Before offering help, let them figure it out by themselves, even if it’s the first time they’re trying to do it. Let them struggle a little bit before offering help. Ask them if they need help before jumping to do it yourself.

Made from natural materials

Toys made from natural materials and fibers like wood, cotton and wool promote a rich sensorial experience for your baby. Mamamade toys are high quality and well made, providing a beautiful environment for the child and your home. That’s a win-win in my book.



Hands-on toys

Hands-on toys that don’t do much unless your child is actively manipulating it, opposed to battery-operated toys, usually give them more opportunities to explore a simple task and play for longer.


They can do it on their own

When the toy itself shows your child if what they’re doing is correct, without needing adult intervention telling them what to do or how to play, they develop self-esteem and are more confident they can it by themselves.


Simple to use

Handmade toys that are simple to use and teaches your baby 1 new skill at a time, so they don’t get overwhelmed, and can focus and concentrate for longer in an activity.