mamamade By Elisa | The Story

Hi there! and welcome!

I’m Elisa, the creator and mama behind mamamade by Elisa.

I started mamamade when my child was 1 year old, designing toys for him in a tiny corner in my garage. With my background in Product Design and my new observations as being a stay-at-home mom, making toys for my baby was (and still is) my passion.

I handmake all the toys with care and love, to provide children with fun independent play and parents with a bit of time for themselves.

Mamamade toys are educational, simple to use, and teaches your baby 1 new skill at a time, so they don’t get overwhelmed, and can focus and concentrate longer in an activity. Which is great for their brain development and also great for you, that now have time for yourself while they play.

I love when they spend “hours” playing with a toy, even thought that might actually means just a few minutes, because it’s in that moment I get to read a book nearby, or finish cooking dinner.

Some of my best sellers are classic Montessori-inspired toys, like the Mobile Set for newborns. Even more special, it got the US Toy Safety Standards Certification, and that’s a huge milestone for a small business and super safe for your baby.

I have a few favorite toys I used with my kid, so grab a coffee and let me show you!

Motherhood is hard enough on its own, everything that makes this journey happier, easier and collaborative, I’m all for!