Baby Gym Assembly Instructions

Super Easy Assembly!

You have enough to worry with a new baby, right? Let's make it simple!

  1. Insert the horizontal bar into the oval holes that are on the inner sides of the Baby Gym
  2. Slide the bar all the way in on both sides
  3. Rotate the bar in the direction of the fixed leg to lock it in place
  4. Spread the legs outwards, pushing it out to make the Baby Gym more stable

Make sure the bar is locked in at all times and never leave your baby unattended when using the baby gym.

For easy storage after your baby is done playing, keep the bar locked in and just fold the legs closed.




The Baby Gym is Wobbly

    Because the Baby Gym is taller than others, swaying a little is normal. Also, please keep in mind that this is a handmade product and it's hard to get a tight fit when making it by hand.

    With that being said, please double check if you:

    • Locked the bar (step 3 above)
    • Pushed the legs outwards after assembling (step 4). This reduces the wobble considerably


    The Ridges on the Horizontal Bar Are Not Facing Up

      This can happen because of 2 things:

      1. You rotated the bar too much. You don't need to rotate it all the way, stop when the ridges are facing up
      2. The horizontal bar is inserted on the wrong end and the ridges are rotating down instead of up. Reverse the bar to the other side to fix it:


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