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mamamade By Elisa

Ball Drop Track

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They drop the ball at the top and watch it goes side to side all the way down, stopping at the tray. They love to repeat it over and over again.
They practice visual tracking, watching the ball going one side to another (a great skill for future reading) and hand-eye coordination to release the ball at the top tier.

When my child was a baby he used to LOVE this ball drop track, it was one of the first products I ever made, not to sell, but for my kid. That's how mamamade started, with me designing toys for my kid and wanting to share the same love and care with other moms.
I hope your baby loves this toy as much as mine did.

Materials and Size

- Not machine made (small variances expected)
- Made out of Plywood
- Non Toxic Acrylic Paint
- Product Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 12" (height)
- Made in San Francisco, CA
- Ball diameter: 1.75"


They can do it on their own but always under adult supervision. This is not a teething toy.

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