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Montessori Gobbi Mobile

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This Montessori Gobbi Mobile is carefully handmade in the US and lab-tested to meet all US Toy Safety Standards.

GOBBI MOBILE | 8+ weeks old

The Gobbi mobile is made of five different balls, all the same color with varying in shades, hung from lightest to darkest shade, to challenge the baby differentiating between shades and tones of the same color. The gradation helps them on their visual discriminating skills.

How to use Montessori Mobiles

Hang your mobiles from the top loop at 12 inches away from baby’s face, within your newborn field of vision. Montessori mobiles were designed to be used when babies are awake and alert, It is not recommended to hang the mobiles in the sleeping area, Montessori mobiles are not meant to be used to fall asleep.

Montessori mobiles were carefully designed to stimulate the baby’s focus and to help them learn to track objects, understand depth, and learn basic colors differences during the first few months of life.

You can rotate the mobiles depending on your baby’s preference. When you notice your baby getting bored or no longer interacting or focusing on the mobile, that means they’re ready for new challenges, switch to the next one. After a while, you can bring back a previous mobile and they might be delighted to watch it again, with new eyes.

Materials and Size

Made with 5 balls wrapped in yarn, all of the same color with varying in shades, hung from lightest shade (shortest) to darkest shade (longest).
Measures 8” long (longest ball) with 2” ball diameter.


Each mobile was designed for visual use only, they are not meant to be grasped, so keep it out of the baby’s reach. This is not a teething toy. Always play with adult supervision.

Shipping and Returns

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  • Great Gift for New Moms!

    Comes in a beautiful gift-worth packaging and a card explaining everything about the Mobiles

  • Meets all USA Toy Safety Standards

    The Mobiles were lab-tested to meet all USA Toy Safety Standards. CPSIA and ASTM certified.

    Super safe for your little one!

  • Our son loves these mobiles! Fast shipping, gift-worthy packaging, and excellent craftsmanship.

    - H (on Sep 2021)

  • Such quality items made with love and care. We used the first of the series today with my daughter at just 3 days old. She was mesmerized!

    - K (on Nov 2021)

  • These mobiles are terrific quality. There is much attention to detail and the care is evident.

    - J (on Jul 2021)