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mamamade By Elisa

Triangle Puzzle

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This Montessori Puzzle is a great first puzzle for your baby.

The Triangle Puzzle is part of a sequence of single-shape puzzle:
Start with the circle puzzle, it’s the easiest to practice, then the square, then the triangle, then the 2 circles together.
Wait until your child master one shape to move on to another. Introduce one at a time, then combine different shapes. The last one to be introduced is the 3 shapes puzzles.
These basic shape puzzles are the foundation for more complex work with others puzzles (like jigsaws and figurine puzzles).

Can be introduced around 9 month old, or when they can sit up by themselves.

The wooden knob has a great size for little hands, making them practice grasping. They also practice hand-eye coordination and shape matching when trying to place the shapes into the correspondent space.

Materials and Size

Made of plywood and non-toxic acrylic paint.
Base measures 5"x5".
Triangle side: 3"


They can do it own their own, but always under adult supervision. This is not a teething toy.

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